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Introducing Fresenius Kabi CATSmart®

Designed with clinicians in mind, the next generation autotransfusion device is quick to start, easy to operate and made to perform. Unique continuous-flow processing consistently delivers high-quality packed red cells with every program, for every patient.

High PRC quality. Without tradeoffs.

  Low Volume
200mL | 700mL
Hematocrit 56 | 62 64 57 60
Non-emulsified fats >99* >99 >99 >99
Heparin >99* >99 >99 >99
Albumin 99 | 97 99 95 >97
Proteins 98 | 97 99 94 97
Potassium 92 | 92 94 90 92
Hemolysis** .15 | .06 .04 .02 .07
Values above are %

*Starting volume was 400mL for Low Volume wash   

** Values reflected immediately after processing

Data on file at Fresenius Kabi.


Close-up of separation process on the Fresenius Kabi CATSmart Continuous Autotransfusion System

Continuous flow.
Fast PRC access.

At the heart of the CATSmart is the proprietary separation process. Unlike bowl-based systems, it ensures PRC is available when your patient needs it.

Full-color Touch screen

Light, quiet, flexible.
Fits you and your OR.

CATSmart has more than a fresh look; its features and functions take into account your workflow, work style, and work space.

Handheld barcode scanner for the Fresenius Kabi CATSmart Continuous Autotransfusion System

Input and export.
At your fingertips.

CATSmart’s USB interface and optional barcode scanner and matrix printer provide for fast, simple, and accurate data collection and transfer.

Manufactured by Fresenius Kabi AG, Bad Homburg, Germany. Distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Terumo Cardiovascular, Ann Arbor, MI.