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Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Celebrates 30 Years of Hollow Fiber Oxygenator Technology at AmSECT 2013

Ann Arbor, MichiganMarch 4, 2013 – Terumo CVS announces the 30th anniversary of hollow fiber oxygenators. As the pioneer of this innovative technology, Terumo CVS continues to bring new oxygenator technologies to market. These products will be highlighted at the AmSECT 51st International Conference in Las Vegas, NV, March 6-9.

The company provides information about hollow fiber oxygenator technology at their website: www.terumocv.com/hollowfiber30.

With the introduction of the CAPIOX® II Oxygenator in 1982, Terumo introduced the world’s first hollow fiber oxygenator, successfully simulating the gas exchange of the human lung. Terumo CVS has continued with advancements such as:

• CAPIOX FX Oxygenator, the first oxygenator with a truly integrated arterial filter.
• Prescriptive Oxygenation™ program, optimizing blood management for smaller-sized patients.

"Terumo CVS hollow fiber oxygenators offer low prime volume, minimal surface area, and optimal air handling combinations," says Charlene Dusack, Senior Product Manager for Oxygenators and Circuits. "This reduces blood utilization and minimizes the potential negative effects of cardiopulmonary bypass – which can ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes."

In hollow fiber membrane oxygenation, blood from the reservoir is pumped through the oxygenator which provides efficient oxygenation of desaturated hemoglobin and simultaneous removal of carbon dioxide from the blood. In simple terms, the oxygenator acts as the patient’s lungs during cardiopulmonary bypass.


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Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation manufactures and markets medical devices for the global cardiac surgery market and is the U.S. distributor for Vascutek® Vascular Grafts. The company is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan with manufacturing operations in Ann Arbor; Elkton, Maryland; and Ashland, Massachusetts. It is one of several subsidiaries of Terumo Corporation of Japan which focus on cardiac and vascular specialties, including Terumo Heart, Inc., developer of a ventricular assist device and Vascutek, Ltd., manufacturer of a broad portfolio of vascular grafts. For more information, visit www.terumocv.com

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Tokyo-based Terumo Corporation is one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers with $4.9 billion in sales and operations in more than 160 nations. Founded in 1921, the company develops, manufactures, and distributes world-class medical devices including products for use in cardiothoracic surgery, interventional procedures, and transfusion medicine; the company also manufactures a broad array of syringe and hypodermic needle products for hospital and physician office use. Terumo contributes to society by providing valued products and services to the healthcare market and by responding to the needs of healthcare providers and the people they serve.

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