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Terumo Cardiovascular Group and Hemostasis Introduce BoneSeal® Bone Hemostat

Advanced synthetic bioabsorbable solution controls bleeding during sternotomy procedures and promotes bone growth during post-operative healing1


BoneSeal hemostat is a new generation of bone hemostat that effectively stops bleeding upon application during sternotomy procedures and promotes bone growth during post-operative healing.1

ANN ARBOR, MICH. — February 19, 2019 — Terumo Cardiovascular Group, a global leader in cardiovascular surgery technologies, and Hemostasis, LLC., today announced a three-year exclusive distribution agreement that will bring BoneSeal® bone hemostat to the United States cardiac surgery market. BoneSeal hemostat is used as a mechanical barrier to control bleeding from cut or damaged bone surfaces. It is comprised of a blend of resorbable, synthetic polymers and biocompatible minerals that promotes bone growth.1

Cardiac surgeons have long-attempted to use various hemostats to manage bleeding from sternotomies, including beeswax, putties, powders and gelatin. BoneSeal hemostat offers a new, all-in-one solution to manage bone hemostasis that is easy to apply and bioabsorbable.

"Terumo CV Group is excited to partner with Hemostasis to bring this innovative product to cardiac surgeons," said Robert DeRyke, Terumo Cardiovascular Group’s President and CEO. "Our new agreement to distribute BoneSeal hemostat is yet another way we can positively impact patient care."

BoneSeal hemostat handles much like beeswax and works immediately to achieve bone hemostasis upon application. With BoneSeal hemostat, surgeons can take control of hemostasis and post-operative bleeding, giving patients a better start to healing.1

1. Tham T, Roberts K, Shanahan J, Burban J, Constantino P. Analysis of bone healing with a novel bone wax substitute compared with bone wax in a porcine bone defect model. Future Science OA. 2018 Sep; 4(8): FSO326.

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Hemostasis designs and manufactures advanced biomaterial-based technologies to facilitate hemostasis and wound healing. Hemostasis products are used in procedures to treat disorders and stop bleeding in sinus, cardiac, orthopedic, vascular, soft tissue and solid organs. Hemostasis is headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota. For more information, visit www.hemostasisllc.com.

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