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Biomedical Staff Certifications

Biomedical CertificationImportant Information About Service Parts Availability and Biomedical Staff Certifications for Repair and Maintenance of Terumo Equipment

This information is not applicable in regions outside the United States.

Terumo Cardiovascular will supply service parts for its medical equipment only to hospitals with biomedical personnel on staff who have been certified by Terumo, and whose certifications are current.

Terumo Cardiovascular is committed to assuring the highest integrity of product design, manufacture and repair. Considering that this equipment is life-sustaining, it is essential that only trained technicians maintain and repair it. We ask that you take time now to evaluate your current staff certifications and, if needed, decide how you will manage maintenance and repair of your Terumo Cardiovascular medical equipment.

If you previously received a biomedical certification from Terumo, it is important to note that these certifications are valid for three years from the date of training.

So what are your next steps?

  • If you're already certified, check your certification expiration date.
  • If your certification has expired, contact us to find out how easy it is to recertify.
  • If you've never been certified, consider Terumo's in-house certification training programs
    for you or your biomedical staff.
    – Training program pricing available on demand.
  • Consider one of the many service options provided by Terumo Cardiovascular service experts
    across the United States.

For more information, contact Terumo in the U.S. at:

  • 800.521.2818 (toll-free customer service)
  • 800.441.3220 (toll-free technical support)

For support and information for international markets: