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Grant & Donation Opportunities

Every year, Terumo Cardiovascular generously gives grants and donations to worthy individuals and programs seeking to make a difference in the world.

Terumo provides a variety of grant and donation options for funding. In particular, Terumo seeks to support programs and causes, including but not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular Related Programs and Activities. Terumo Cardiovascular is dedicated to cardiovascular health in many forms. We encourage those who share our desire to make a difference in the world of cardiovascular medicine by providing donative support through research, educational, and charitable grants.
  • Medical Research, Education, and Outreach Programs. While cardiovascular progress is our primary focus, at Terumo Cardiovascular we recognize the importance of general medicine. Thus, we pursue excellence in all arenas of health care by providing funding, donations, and various other forms of support for the benefit of general medical research, education, and charities.
  • Local Community Programs. Terumo Cardiovascular strives to ensure the continuing health, safety, and progress of the local communities in which our employees work and live. The strength of our company depends on the strength of our employees and our communities, and Terumo endeavors to encourage this growth through this local support.

All donation/grant determinations are based on Terumo Cardiovascular’s internal policies, which are governed by the AdvaMed Guidelines and in compliance with all federal and state regulations. We encourage all interested parties to fill out our online application for requests, provided their cause meets at least one of the following definitions:

  • Charitable donations must be for a charitable purpose and must be approved through the Terumo Grants and Donations Committee.
  • Research grants must have scientific merit with written objectives and milestones.
  • Educational grants must be to institutions that have a charitable or academic affiliation to support medical education of medical students, residents and fellows and must be approved through the Terumo Grants and Donations Committee.

Note: Requests for exhibit space at trade shows, professional society meetings, etc., may also be submitted using this process; however, exhibit space and educational grants requests should be submitted as two separate requests.

Download Application (PDF)

Please note that only completed applications will be reviewed by Terumo Cardiovascular’s Grants and Donations Committee for consideration.