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Whether you are a novice or expert harvester, Terumo’s Advanced EVH training program can benefit you. 

Our comprehensive program consists of a dedicated, experienced clinical team, proprietary simulation training equipment, and state of the art training facilities to educate harvesters on the successful adoption of the VirtuoSaph® Plus EVH System.

Our clinical team of in-the-field experts work one-on-one with you to ensure a high level of proficiency and a clear understanding of the VirtuoSaph Plus device’s full clinical capabilities.  Terumo’s virtual reality training software enables clinicians to experience a realistic simulation of the EVH procedure in a safe, controlled environment. 

You will train with no distractions and no interruptions. We provide training in a stress-free environment without the time pressures experienced in a live operating room (OR).

Terumo Training is Unique

Our proprietary training equipment — virtual reality EVH simulators and SynDaver synthetic vein harvesting — help you to build expertise, gain experience and develop muscle memory.

Virtual Reality EVH Simulation

Virtual Reality EVH Simulation

Virtual Reality EVH Simulation System

  • Receive real-time feedback on your surgical performance from our “Accutouch” technology
  • Challenge yourself on six unique case profiles of patient’s anatomy with different levels of difficulty (both lower leg and thigh options available)
  • Perform 10 to 20 simulations to improve muscle memory

SynDaver Synthetic Vein Harvesting

SynDaver synthetic vein harvesting plates training

SynDaver Synthetic Vein Harvesting

  • Experience real-life feel of OR environment with endoscopic tower and generator
  • Experience timing and real-life feel of how to correctly divide branches with bipolar electrosurgical energy
  • Practice your Terumo Technique to improve your muscle memory

Our Training Center Locations

Participants will attend a training course on the successful adoption of the VirtuoSaph Plus System at one of our Centers of Excellence. Centers are located in Ann Arbor, MI, and Toledo, OH. Location will be determined based on training needs.

In Ann Arbor, MI, Terumo’s unique virtual reality EVH simulator stations with “Accutouch” technology offer hands-on practice with real-time feedback.

Hands-on ERAH and EVH training with cadavers takes place in the OR Simulation Rooms located in Toledo, OH.


University of Toledo Lloyd A. Jacobs Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center located in Toledo, OH.


As a Physician Assistant who had used another system my entire career, I was hesitant to look at another company’s product. However, I tried to keep an open mind. I was amazed by the quality of Terumo’s training facility and staff. Everything was set up and ready for our team to start working immediately. The Terumo team was very educated on their product and extremely helpful. I never felt like I was being pressured to change to their product. Their goal has always been making sure our harvesters were given the proper training in order to get the best quality for the patient.

Nicole Johnston, PA, St. Louis, MO

The EVH simulation and SynDaver made things so realistic that I was able to participate with dissecting and harvesting vein the very next day.

Ginger Cook, RNFA, Oxford, MS

Great instructor. He did a great job explaining the features of each tool and their purpose. Excellent videos to illustrate common complications/mistakes made. Was given adequate iterations on simulators.

Phillip Berntson, PA-C, El Paso, TX

This will greatly improve my skills on EVH. Being able to practice spatial awareness without pressure has made me more confident in my skills. I feel well prepared for OR experiences.

Amy Matthews, NP, Texarkana, TX

Getting Started

Step 1

Coordinate dates with your Terumo representative to visit one of our state-of-the-art training facilities.

Our professional trainers work with you to customize a comprehensive solution that fits you and your staff’s training needs.

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Step 2

Utilize the training components and curriculum tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • SynDaver synthetic vein harvesting
  • Virtual reality EVH simulation
  • Didactics and video reviews
  • Cadaver training for EVH and ERAH
  • Live case observation with Q&A session with harvesters

Step 3

Coordinate dates with your Terumo representative to support surgical cases at your own hospital.

  • Medical Device Recorders available to review individual cases
  • On-site support for live surgical cases

Our System in Action



The PTFE-sheathed dissector reduces friction in tight muscular anatomy. It can be used to dissect the saphenous vein, radial artery and surrounding branches.


The VirtuoSaph Plus harvester efficiently coagulates and cuts the branches of the saphenous vein in one easy step.

VirtuoSaph® Plus EVH System

VirtuoSaph® Plus EVH System’s design provides safe and efficient endoscopic vessel harvesting (EVH).

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