Perfusion Products

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Perfusion products are used to temporarily replace the functions of the heart and lungs during cardiac and thoracic surgery procedures. Terumo is the world's leading supplier of perfusion products; no other medical device manufacturer sells more. Terumo's extensive perfusion product line includes the most technologically advanced heart-lung machine, the world's best selling pediatric oxygenator, and the world's only continuous blood gas monitor.
Oxygenation Systems
CAPIOX® NX Oxygenator with Integrated Arterial Filter and UltraPrime™ TechnologyCAPIOX® FX Advance Oxygenators with Integrated Arterial Filter
CAPIOX® RX Oxygenators
CAPIOX® Flexible Venous ReservoirCAPIOX® Cardiotomy Reservoirs
Myocardial Protection Products
Sarns™ Cardioplegia Sets with Conducer Heat Exchanger and MP-4 Monitoring ModuleSarns™ Cardioplegia Sets with PVC Coil and MP-4 Monitoring Module
Sarns™ Cardioplegia Sets with PVC Coil and Bubble TrapCAPIOX® CP50 Cardioplegia Set
Heart-lung Machines
Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1
Centrifugal Pumpheads
Capiox® iCP Centrifugal PumpCAPIOX® SP Centrifugal Pump
Sarns™ Disposable Centrifugal Pump
CAPIOX® Arterial Line FiltersHaemonetics® Cardioplegia Plus® Filter with Solution Spike
Haemonetics® LipiGuard® Transfusion Filter for Salvaged BloodHaemonetics® SQ40 High Blood Flow Filter
Pall Oxygenator Gas Filters
Bubble Traps
CAPIOX® Bubble Traps
Hemocor HPH™ Hemoconcentrators
Custom Tubing Kits
Cardiovascular Procedure Kits
Connectors, Reducers, Tubing, Vent Valves and Prime Lines
Connectors, Reducers, Tubing, Vent Valves and Prime Lines
Cooling and Heating Devices
Cincinnati Sub-Zero Hemotherm® 400CE Dual Reservoir Cooler/HeaterPlastiPad® Re-usable, Hyper-hypothermia Blankets
Field Service Agreements
Terumo® Field Service
Continuous Autotransfusion Systems
Fresenius Kabi CATSmart® Continuous Autotransfusion SystemFresenius Kabi C.A.T.S®plus Continuous AutoTransfusion System Accessories and Disposables
Blood Parameter Monitoring Systems
CDI® Blood Parameter Monitoring System 550CDI OneView Monitoring System
Universal Oximetry
SenSmart™ Model X-100 Universal Oximetry System