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Comprehensive Perfusion Management Solutions and Patient Care

Proven design — continuously enhanced to increase safety and reduce risk.

As the global leader in perfusion technology, clinicians and surgical teams rely on Terumo Cardiovascular to help them deliver the highest quality care while achieving the best possible patient outcomes. To maintain this standard of excellence, we use proven technologies to offer a robust, customizable perfusion management system that increases safety while reducing risk; ensuring reliable and consistent performance while allowing the clinicians' focus to stay where it should be -on the patient.

Safe and Intuitive

Fast Access and Centralized Control

Fourteen-inch LED screen features a sophisticated design, coupled with a user-friendly graphic interface, enhancing the clinical experience. The interface centralizes crucial patient data and perfusion management functions, utilizing clear and intuitive language and icons. This streamlined design enables clinicians to easily navigate alerts and alarms with just one to two screen touches.

Redundant Controls

Roller pumps, centrifugal pumps, and Electronic Patient Gas System (EPGS) may be controlled locally and on the Central Control Monitor (CCM); providing system redundancy and options for speed adjustment as well as gas flow and FlO2 settings.


From the base model to complex configurations, the system evolves as clinician needs change.


Components may be configured to meet practice variability and flexibility.

"On the Fly" Occlusion Adjustments

Roller pump's occlusion mechanism with audible feedback allows for setting adjustments while the pump is running without the need to stop the roller pump.

Self-Adjusting Tube Clamp Mechanism

The up-to-date design eliminates the need for changing tubing clamp inserts.

Extended Battery Life

60-minute minimum internal battery backup with remaining time displayed on the CCM.

Uni-Directional Roller Pump Hand Crank

Hand crank supports forward flow only; cannot be rotated in the wrong direction.

Advanced Functions

Added safety connections and pump response features may be activated at any time.

Proven technology | Increased safety | Reduced risk | Advanced functionality | Unrivaled support


Centrifugal Pump


Safety and Monitoring Modules

Central Control Monitor (CCM)

Terumo System 1: A Product of Passion for Quality Care

Look behind the scenes at the precision manufacturing and dedicated teams who bring the Terumo Advanced Perfusion System 1 to life every day.

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