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Terumo’s Tentacles positioner systems provide a new standard in heart positioning for off-pump cardiovascular surgery, TECAB (robotic), MIDCAB, and minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting (MICS-CABG) procedures.

The Tentacles Neo positioner was developed especially for MICS CABG. The low-profile suction head facilitates easy placement on the heart and offers a novel technique for targeted vessel exposure for small thoracotomy procedures.1

Tentacles and Tentacles Neo Positioners are designed to:

  • Provide reproducible exposure without hemodynamic compromise2
  • Maintain cardiac function2
  • Improve visibility and exposure
  • Reduce risk of trauma2

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Tentacles Heart Positioner

Tentacles Heart Positioner: Tips and Pitfalls for Optimal OM Exposure

Advanced techniques using the Tentacles Positioner for OM and LAD exposure, presented by Dr. Hiroyuki Tsukui.

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Tentacles Positioner

Tentacles Positioner

The Tentacles positioner’s independent small suction cups can be applied to various surfaces of the heart.

Tentacles Neo Positioners

Tentacles Neo Positioners

The Tentacles positioner’s novel three-cup vacuum system was designed to secure heart positioning and reduce the risk of trauma.


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Manufactured by SB-Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc., Kanagawa, Japan. Distributed by Terumo Cardiovascular, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.