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VirtuoSaph® Plus EVH System’s design provides safe and efficient endoscopic vessel harvesting (EVH).

The design of the VirtuoSaph Plus EVH System was developed through a comprehensive research and refinement process. It was optimized for the performance of consistent and successful saphenous vein and radial artery harvesting for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) procedures and peripheral artery bypass grafting.

The VirtuoSaph Plus EVH System helps your operating room (OR) perform successful EVH procedures through:

  • Engineering that reflects a keen understanding of optimal functionality and everyday ease-of-use
  • An Open CO2 system with distal insufflation that reduces risk of CO2 embolisms and intraluminal thrombus
  • Bipolar electrosurgical energy that targets energy away from the conduit

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Safe. Efficient. Harvesting.

Terumo’s VirtuoSaph Plus is designed for safe, efficient and successful vessel harvesting.

Designed for Safety


V-cutter applies the bipolar electrosurgical energy at the most distal part of the branch, both directing energy away from the main conduit and providing longer branches without charring.

  • Open CO2 system with distal insufflation reduces the risk of retained clots and delivers a conduit that retains its native moisture 1
  • Bipolar electrosurgical energy delivers high frequency electrical currents and voltage through an active electrode, causing desiccation and vaporization of only the target tissue at the point of contact — so damage to sensitive tissues near instrument can be avoided and patient burns are virtually eliminated 2
  • “Cutting triad” — tunnel wall grounding, low wattage, and branch tautness — delivers a quick and precise coagulation between the vessel branches and tunnel wall, controlling the direction of energy away from the conduit resulting in less thermal spread

Designed for Efficiency


The VirtuoSaph Plus system’s unique wiper cleans and clears the endoscope lens to improve visibility.

  • Unique, built-in wiper mechanism cleans the endoscope lens to improve visibility during harvesting
  • Integrated spot cautery with built-in safety switch activates in one simple step to control hemostasis when needed
  • Non-cumbersome design reduces number of components, connections and procedural steps to improve efficiency in the OR

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Terumo Method

Clinical evidence shows that VirtuoSaph endoscopic saphenous vein harvesting technique preserves the structural and functional viability of SV endothelium. 3



The patented PTFE-sheathed dissector reduces friction in tight muscular anatomy. It offers consistent and uniform dissection of the saphenous vein, radial artery and surrounding branches.



The Harvester coagulates and cuts the branches of the saphenous vein or radial artery in one easy step. The ergonomic design of the handle allows for one-handed manipulation of the device for convenience and ease of use.



When used with the dissector and harvester, the trocar will allow steady advancement through the tunnel and will minimize pressure on the vessel at the incision site.


The dissector rod has a conical tip that delivers CO2 inside the tunnel walls for increased visibility. CO2 delivered at the tip, consistently provides space in the tunnel for increased visibility.


The harvester has multiple features to simultaneously coagulate and cut the branches of the saphenous vein or radial artery.


VirtuoSaph Plus’ unique wiper mechanism quickly cleans and clears the endoscope lens to improve visibility.


Centering rings in the dissector cone tip aid in visualization.

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Procedure overview for harvesting the saphenous vein and radial artery with the VirtuoSaph Plus Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System.

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