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Terumo’s products for cardiac and vascular surgery are used every day in a wide range of important procedures, from coronary artery bypass grafting to valve replacements, from heart transplants to surgeries for peripheral artery disease.

Products shown in the Products section of this website are available in the United States. For availability of Terumo products in other regions, please contact the Terumo Sales Office nearest you.

Autotransfusion Products

Autotransfusion products collect and process a patient’s own blood during surgery, thus helping the patient avoid transfusions with donor, or banked, blood.

Beating Heart and Surgical Stabilization Products

The Beating Heart products offer the surgeon the most versatile combination of strongest stabilization, lowest profile, and easy positioning in a unique environmentally friendly solution.


Cannulae are inserted in the heart during cardiac surgery to perform several critical functions.

Endoscopic Products

Endoscopic products allow clinicians to perform minimally invasive procedures through very small incisions by using an endoscope to see inside the patient’s body.

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems use advanced technology to provide continuous information on important patient parameters during cardiac surgery and into the intensive care unit.

Perfusion Circuits

Key disposable products used in cardiopulmonary bypass.

Perfusion Products

Perfusion products are used to temporarily replace the functions of the heart and lungs during cardiac and thoracic surgery procedures.

Platelet Therapy

Platelet concentration systems are used in the procurement of concentrated, platelet-derived growth factors.

Sternotomy Products

During routine cardiac surgeries, the sternum is opened so that the surgeon can easily access the heart.