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The Capiox iCP Centrifugal Pump from Terumo Cardiovascular, an industry leader in perfusion for over 30 years, offers users high quality, continued reliability, and continuity of care in the cardiovascular OR.


  • Low heat generation
  • Low hemolysis
  • 55 mL prime volume
  • Efficient impeller design
  • Durable polycarbonate housing
  • Capiox iCP Centrifugal Pump is compatible with Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1. Also compatible with LivaNova PLC “S5®” and “S3®” heart-lung machines — no adapter needed.2

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Barbed Outlet/Inlet Design

The Capiox iCP Centrifugal Pump uses the same proven connector barb design as on Terumo’s Capiox FX Oxygenators. There is a two barb design on the Capiox iCP Centrifugal Pump’s outlet and inlet, vs three on Sarns Centrifugal Pump. This means there is less risk for tubing disconnect, although tie banding all connections is still recommended. 

Shunt Sensor

Drop-in Replacement

The Capiox iCP Centrifugal Pump is a drop-in replacement for the Sarns Centrifugal Pump. No adapter plate is needed when it is used with the LivaNova “S5” and “S3” heart-lung machines. The Capiox iCP Centrifugal Pump is designed to be mounted directly on the S5 or S3 drive motor. 

H/S Cuvette

Efficient Impeller Design

The Capiox iCP Centrifugal pump’s design provides flows to 8 L/min and has a maximum pressure rating of 700 mmHg. Additionally, the max pump rotation speed is 3,600 RPM with a prime volume of 55 mL. 

  1. Data on File.
  2. LIVANOVA S5® and LIVANOVA S3® are a registered trademarks of LivaNova PLC. LivaNova PLC is not affiliated with Terumo and no endorsement, sponsorship, or approval is implied.