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The Best Heart-Lung Machine Deserves the Best Service ... Terumo Service

Is it Worth the Risk?

You may be exposing your hospital to serious liability issues and compromising patient care if you use a 3rd party service provider to maintain and repair a Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1 heart-lung machine. Don't risk it. Go with genuine Terumo Cardiovascular Service.

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What Could Happen?

Six real risks of going with a 3rd party service provider:

  • Less-Thorough Service

    3rd party service performs fewer preventive maintenance checks on the Terumo System 1 than Terumo Cardiovascular Service - half the number in many cases.

  • Substandard Parts

    It is documented that some 3rd party service providers use lower quality parts from uncertified sources. Some critical parts can only be purchased from Terumo Cardiovascular by trained and certified personnel. All Terumo Cardiovascular parts go through stringent testing for quality and performance.

  • Not Terumo Specialists

    3rd party service providers typically work on many types of equipment. Terumo Cardiovascular Field Service Associates specialize exclusively in Terumo equipment.

  • Specialized, Calibrated Tools

    Terumo's highly specialized, precision tools are regularly calibrated in accordance with ISO 17025 to ensure top performance. Not all 3rd party service providers can make that claim.

  • Non-Certified Technicians

    3rd party service providers may not have been trained or certified by Terumo and do not have the necessary knowledge of the Terumo System 1 or access to proper service procedures and the latest OEM documentation.

  • Non-Compliant

    Terumo Field Service Associates use only the latest test scripts and procedures that are compliant to Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 820 Standards and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) regulations. 3rd party service providers may not comply.

Terumo Quality of Service, Quality of Care


What kind of service are you getting from your 3rd party provider? If you don't know, Terumo can tell you.

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Certified technician working CDI monitor Certified technician working on Terumo System 1 Unit Certified technician working on Terumo Product Terumo Service Contract

What’s the Difference?

Only Terumo Cardiovascular Service can provide the best, highest-value service. 3rd party service providers just can’t compare.

Capabilities Terumo Service 3rd Party Service
Technicians certified to OEM standards YES NO
Access to OEM qualified parts YES NO
Stringent testing to verify off-the-shelf parts meet OEM quality specifications YES NO
Access to specialized calibrated tooling YES NO
Access to specialized OEM test fixtures YES NO
Access to manufacturer product updates YES NO
Access to latest test scripts and procedures YES NO
Total compliance to CFR Title 21 part 820 YES NO
Technicians certified and compliant to ESD S2020 standard YES NO
Ability to access and monitor equipment failure logs YES NO
24/7 access to OEM technical support staff YES NO
Access to OEM design engineering staff YES NO
Access to complete equipment history YES NO

Big-Picture Cost Savings

Some 3rd party service may appear to cost less, but with indirect and long-term costs, it can be much more expensive. Potential litigation, compromised patient care and damaged reputations, as well as excessive down time, potential repeat service calls and other 3rd party service-related issues can add up to be far more costly. Terumo Cardiovascular Service is the smart long-term investment.

Service or Repair Terumo Service Contract Time and Materials
Preventive maintenanance (PM) visits per year (2) COVERED $$$
PM parts COVERED $$
Repair parts COVERED $$
Repair visits COVERED $$
PM and repair travel costs COVERED $$
Loaners COVERED $
Technical support** COVERED May Be Delayed
2-Year EPGS gas system exchange* COVERED $$$
2-Year battery replacement* COVERED $
6-Year display monitor hard drive replacement* COVERED $
PM and repair scheduling** COVERED May Be Delayed

* The cost to replace these items is generally more than the cost of the service contract.

** Service contract customers receive priority attention.

What kind of service are you getting from your 3rd party provider?
If you don't know, Terumo can tell you.

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