SenSmart™ Model X-100 Universal Oximetry System[53]

Nonin Medical's SenSmart Model X-100 Universal Oximetry System is the first dedicated oximetry system that provides measurements of both regional (rSO2) and pulse oximetry (SpO2). The SenSmart system provides inclusive monitoring of up to six-channels of rSO2and SpO2 on one screen. The signal processor is markedly smaller than previous versions, making the SenSmart system ideal for use in settings where space is an issue, such as the CVOR or ICU.


  • Highly Accurate: The SenSmart System's EQUANOX Advance rSO2 Sensors provide clinicians with state-of-the-art absolute accuracy. Nonin's reusable SpO2 Soft Sensors provide fast, accurate and reliable readings even in patients with low perfusion or in the presence of motion.
  • Easy to Use: The smaller, lighter and less-intrusive SenSmart Universal Signal Processors automatically recognize and display either the rSO2 or SpO2 signal, as well as the channel number.
  • Convenient: The portable, easy-to-operate SenSmart Monitor offers Bluetooth® wireless or RS232 case download connectivity, as well as connectivity with Philips® IntelliVue® Monitors via VueLink® or IntelliBridge® interface.
SenSmart's smaller, lighter and less intrusive signal processors

SenSmart's smaller, lighter and less intrusive signal processors

EQUANOX rSO2 Sensor Technology

EQUANOX rSO2 Sensor Technology

Reusable Soft Pulse Oximetry Sensors <br>(available in three sizes)

Reusable Soft Pulse Oximetry Sensors
(available in three sizes)

Ordering Information
Catalog NumberDescriptionUnits/Case
SenSmart™ Model X-100 Universal Oximetry System
X-100-02010001SenSmart Universal Oximetry System
Includes: One monitor, one hub, one hub holster, two signal processors (channel 1 and 2), two INT cables, two 1M extension cables, one power supply, one power cord, one operator's manual on CD, one download software CD, one quick start guide.
Disposable Sensors
112729-001Model 8204CA, SenSmart™ Advance Sensor, Short20
112730-001Model 8004CB, SenSmart™ Advance Neonatal/Pediatric Sensor20
112731-001Model 8004CB-NA, SenSmart™ Advance Neonatal/Pediatric Sensor, non-adhesive20
9748-001Model 8003CA, SenSmart™ Classic Sensor, large, long20
Pulse Oximetry Sensor
8703-001Model 8100SS, SenSmart Soft Pulse Oximetry Sensor, small1
8705-001Model 8100SM, SenSmart Soft Pulse Oximetry Sensor, medium1
8534-001Model 8100SL, SenSmart Soft Pulse Oximetry Sensor, large1
Accessories and Replacement Parts
3469-000Model UNI-RS232, null modem download cable1
7448-000Model 7600PCS-US, power cord (U.S.)1
110708-001Model PC, pole mount clamp1
3668-100Model AVANT RS-S, deluxe 5-point rolling stand with adjustable pole height1
110857-001GCX Adaptor Plate1
9871-001Model X-100 Monitor, Universal Oximetry1
8646-001Model X-100H, hub1
8662-001Model X-100HH, hub holster1
10535-001INT-100 Intermediate cable for use with Model 8204CA Sensor1
8445-001Model X-100EC-1 Extension Cable (1M)1
8445-002Model X-100EC-2 Extension Cable (2M)1
8664-001Model X-100CC, Carrying Case1
8742-003SenSmart Download Software CD-ROM1
8140-005Model MPP30M, Power Supply SenSmart1
9390-001Model X-100SL Sensor Lock1
8841-001SenSmart Cable Identifier, colored1
8650-001Model X-100SP-1 Signal Processor Channel 11
8650-002Model X-100SP-2 Signal Processor Channel 21
8650-003Model X-100SP-3 Signal Processor Channel 31
8650-004Model X-100SP-4 Signal Processor Channel 41
8650-005Model X-100SP-5 Signal Processor Channel 51
8650-006Model X-100SP-6 Signal Processor Channel 61
10566-001Model X-100 Manual, Universal Oximetry Operators Manual on CD-ROM1
  • [53] Manufactured by Nonin Medical, Plymouth, MN. Distributed by Terumo Cardiovascular, Ann Arbor, MI.